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Discover compassionate care at Sivakumar Hospital, nestled in Karaikudi’s heart. Specializing in Hypertension, Diabetes, Cardiac Care, Diabetic Foot Ulcer Management, and Pediatrics.

Meet Dr.KS Raghavendran MBBS, D.Diabetes, and

Dr.G Anusa Priyadharshini MBBS. Your health is our priority. Experience excellence in rural healthcare today!

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Our Procedures

At Sivakumar Hospital, we uphold the highest standards of care by following meticulous procedures tailored to meet your needs. From initial consultation to treatment plans and follow-up care, our procedures are designed to ensure precision, safety, and effectiveness across a range of specialized treatments



Our dedicated team implements proven procedures to effectively manage hypertension and improve heart health.

Uncontrolled Diabetes Care

With structured procedures, we help individuals regain control over their diabetes, ensuring comprehensive management and support.

Cardiac Care

Through specialized procedures, we offer advanced treatments and interventions to address various cardiac conditions and promote heart wellness.

Diabetic Foot Ulcer Management

Our precise procedures focus on the meticulous care and treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, ensuring optimal healing and prevention of complications.


Our procedures for pediatric care are designed to provide comprehensive support for the unique needs of children, from routine check-ups to specialized treatments and interventions.

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